Smart Phone Radiation

Electromagnetic Radiation is an invisible health threat. Also known as E.L.F.R. (extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation).

Common devices such as: smart phones, computers, microwave ovens and wireless products all emit non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation that is harmful to our immune system.

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 There are several ways of testing the effectiveness of the ELFR Eliminators. These include:
1. Vega test machine
2. Dowsing Rods
3. Electro-Dermal Screening
4. Biofeedback machine
5. Eagle Test machine
6. Reba Test machine
7. Kinesiology 

Vega Test Machine

Vega_testingA Vega test machine can measure the electrical resistance at specific acupuncture points on the body. It is used to test the frequency of your immune system. Your body’s normal range for the immune system is 6-9 Hertz. The optimum is 7.385 Hertz (the Schumann Resonance). When we are exposed to electromagnetic fields from various sources, such as cell phones and computers, they change your body’s frequency to higher than normal. These foreign frequencies can put your body in the range of 9.0 Hertz and higher. When this happens, your immune system becomes compromised.

These “before” and “after” effects can be measured with the Vega test machine. This is the machine I use in my clinic. The amount of time this takes depends on several factors, such as your susceptibility and your level of exposure. Your body reacts to EMF's by producing various symptoms. See the list below for possible symptoms. With the proliferation of more and more electronics, cell phone towers, wi-fi networks, hydro towers, and wireless products, we are becoming exposed more than ever before.

After applying the ELFR Eliminators to common devices such as cell phones, smart phones, computers, microwave ovens and wireless products, the electromagnetic field becomes harmonized. This is accomplished using a specific copper and zinc formula. ELFR Eliminators offer radiation protection from the harmful frequencies produced by these products, and therefore make them safer to use. You can test the effect they have when used on a cell phone, smart phone or computer by using the Vega machine. 

Vega Test Procedure:

1. You test the patient for "Vital Force" on the machine. Whatever this reading is, this becomes the base reading.

2. The patient is asked to hold their cell phone in one hand.

3. The above test is repeated, checking the patient once again for "vital force".

(The vega machine consistently detects a lower vital force).

4. You ask the patient to attach the "ELFR Eliminator" to their cell phone.

5. The vital force test is repeated.

The vega test machine does not detect a lower vital force, but rather a healthy vital force consistent with the initial base reading.


1. Your body is negatively affected when exposed to cell phones, smart phones and computers.

2. Use of the "ELFR Eliminator" chip greatly reduced the amount of radiation exposure to the patient when using the cell phone.

 Dowsing Rods
I would like to show you another way to Test the ELFR Eliminators Yourself.
 You can test for Cell Phone Radiation, Smart Phone Radiation, and Computer Radiation using tools that you can make yourself for free.

This is done by Dowsing. Dowsing has a history dating back to ancient Egypt, when they used a curled rod, called an “Ankh”, to find subtle energies. Dowsing rods are effective tools to detect weak electromagnetic fields. They have been proven in controlled tests to pick up electromagnetic influences as accurately as any scientific instrument. With a little practice, you can learn to dowse for Electromagnetic Radiation. Follow these steps to make your own Dowsing Rods.

Making Dowsing Rods



A pair of dowsing rods can be made easily with 2 wire hangers and the shell of  2 ballpoint pens.



Cut the wire where indicated.



Bend it to make a right angle. Make two of these. Use the shells of ballpoint pens as sleeves on the short end, to enable the rods to swing freely.


Holding Dowsing Rods

Now that you have your dowsing rods, you need to learn how to hold them.



The horizontal section of the rods must not rest on the hand and thumb, otherwise the rods cannot swing freely. Use the tips of your fingers and thumb to hold them. Hold the rods by the short end and carry them about 1 foot in front of the chest. Leave about 15 inches between the two rods. Make sure that the rods are equally spaced front to back and parallel to your walking surface.

Now that you know how to hold them, you need to know how to walk with them.

Always walk slowly. Remember to keep your hands steady and to keep the distance between the front and back of the rods equal, and parallel to your walking surface. Hold the rods about 1 foot in front of the chest.
Now you are ready to test your Dowsing ability. You will soon learn to distinguish between twisting due to your own movements, and those which are due to Electromagnetic Radiation. When you locate it, it is as if a magnet is pulling on your rods.


Testing with Dowsing Rods

Testing your Computer for Electromagnetic Radiation.



To test your computer, start 6 feet away, and walk towards your computer terminal. The rods will cross and stop, indicating electromagnetic radiation.

To test the effect of the ELFR Eliminator, apply one chip to your laptop, anywhere on the outside surface. Apply two chips if you have a desktop, one on the hard drive, and one on the monitor.

Perform the same test as above, starting 6 feet away, and walking towards your computer.
The rods will open, indicating a positive effect, and good energy.

 Watch this Video on  the Videos page:

Radiation Protection Laptop Test


Testing your Cell Phone or Smart Phone



Place your cell phone or smart phone on a table, away from any appliances or electronics or light bulbs.
Start 6 feet away, and walk towards your cell phone. The rods will cross and stop, indicating electromagnetic radiation.

To test the effect of the ELFR Eliminator, apply one chip anywhere on the outside surface of your cell phone or smart phone.

Perform the same test as above, starting 6 feet away, and walking towards your cell phone or smart phone. The rods will open, indicating a positive effect, and good energy.

Watch this Video on the Videos page:  

Radiation Protection Cell Phone Test


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Devices that Emit E.L.F.R.

E.L.F.R. is an acronym for Extremely Low-frequency Electromagnetic Radiation

The following common devices emit this radiation:

  • Cell Phones
  • Computers
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Wireless Products

Symptoms of Exposure to E.L.F.R.

Did your know that extremely low-frequency electromagnetic radiation is harmful to our immune system?

Short-term exposure can produce headaches, dizziness, lack of concentration, fatigue, compromise immune function, affect sleep, decrease effectiveness of therapeutic drug treatment, and decrease mental and physical well-being. Long-term exposure can produce  mutations, cancer and degenerative brain diseases.


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